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Winter's Child

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Winter's Child

"I finished reading Winter's Child and think it is one of the best novels in the series. I use novels of yours in a couple of my classes at Saint Joseph's College in Maine. This students are reading The Story Teller in my course on detective fiction. I also have assigned that novel in my senior seminar on literary criticism, as I found it to be really effective as a book to which we can apply any of the critical approaches we study: cultural criticism, gender criticism, New Historicism, deconstruction, etc. Finally, I must tell you that I am deeply disappointed, as all of your readers surely are, in your decision not to continue the series. The problem with creating such engaging and important people as Vicky and Father John is that no one wants them to disappear. I want to know what they are doing in the future."

"Yes, it is sad for Vicky and Father John to end their friendship with us, but they will always be alive for us as will that expansive feeling we got whenever Father John walked across the mission grounds."

"A dear friend introduced me to you and your writing. (When she met you,) she had asked if you might consider making Father John an Episcopal priest and that way he and Vicky could marry! You said you thought about doing that and your husband told you to 'leave the poor guy alone.' I thought that was so funny. Looking forward to whatever you write after you've sent Father John and Vicky on their way!"

"I have lived with all of the books, and now I know the series is ending. It is going to be like saying goodbye to a friendship that I was given the privilege of 'borrowing' as I lifted the window shade into their private lives. I will miss Father John and Vicky as I do those that have been lost in 'real' life."

The Girl with Braided Hair

"I just re-read The Girl with Braided Hair, and, as usual with your Vicky and Father John stories, I am crying as I finish the story. I suppose it is the unresolved love between them that sets me off, but getting so involved in your story lines allows me to feel the emotions I think they feel about their unlikely relationship. Your stories are so visceral, so engaging, that I can close my eyes and picture myself in the church yard and on the dusty roads they travel. I want you to know that the Vicky Holden/Father John series is one of my favorites, and you have provided me many many hours of pleasure."

"I wish I could spend an hour chatting with Father John!"

"I wrote to you a while back about how much my husband and I loved the Wind River mysteries. I now (finally) own a copy of Winter's Child and loved it as much as the others in the series. Very sad to think they have come to an end. You left the series on a bittersweet note and a realistic one—not to say I wouldn't have loved the idiot to have become an Anglican and married her, dammit. Oh well. Cheers,"

"Thank you for your wonderful Wind River novels. I have enjoyed every one and look forward to reading your last one in the series although I will definitely miss the characters. You made them seem like real people I would like to call friends. And, indeed, they are."

The Perfect Suspect

"The Perfect Suspect is the best murder mystery I have ever read. You certainly picked a twist by providing the murderer right up front; the next twist being the mistress, and to really add to the suspense our murderer is a detective and now must solve the mystery. WOW!! Needless to say I could not put it down."

Just a short note to tell you I have read all 20 novels and I have really enjoyed them all. The insight into life on the reservation, the western history and the love story. Thanks,"

"Chapter 1...
Father O'Malley sat stunned in his well worn chair at the mission. Even though the Pope had proposed allowing priests to marry, he never thought the day would come. But the call from the Provincial had made it official.
Chapter 36...
Vicky sat watching the Eagles practice. She wondered if her son, due in the fall, would achieve the goal his father had not. Playing at Fenway Park for the Red Sox. Just sayin'."

"Thanks so much for your spectacular books. Being part Indian, part white, I really appreciate the way you tell your stories. You show how there are both good and bad in all cultures and how people can come together beyond their individual cultures and beliefs. Wonderful books."
   —Bobbi (Flowing Waters)

"Thank you, Margaret. I discovered this series only last fall and have read—completely out of order—all but three. The relationship between Father John and Vicky was unique, believable, and indelible. I had always hoped for a coda that would have them reunite near the end of their lives one last time. Thank you for this illuminating and enriching series. I learned so much."

"Tony Hillerman was my favorite until I found Winter's Child and the first paragraph blew me over. I have found your mysteries and am excited to discover your characters. So excited."
   —A fan

"I have read every one of your Wind River novels, and I was sad to see on the back of this latest book this was your last book in this series. I kept hoping for a different outcome for Vicky and Father John but, alas, it was not to be. I learned so much about Native Americans reading these novels which gave me a greater appreciation of their lives, trials, and tribulations. Thank you for educating your readers about the amazing people our Native Americans are."

Blood Memory

"I love the Catherine McLeod fun to read since I am familiar with all the geography. (from Greeley, Colorado originally) Always looking for your new oh so favorite author!"

"Thank you for the wonderful Wind River series. Your descriptions of the mountains, the prairie, the wind and the sun, the houses on the res, the little diners and cafes, the streets of Lander and Riverton, it all brings back Wyoming to me. The real people that we know come and go, but your characters live on, larger than life. It is a great literary achievement. I would love to meet Fr. John, and of course the lovely, incomparable Vicky Holden."