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Winter's Child

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Buffalo Bill's Dead Now Killing Custer

"Tony Hillerman calls Margaret Coel 'a master' of her craft. It is no wonder. [She] brings Native Americans to the fictional frontier in a way that honors the genre."
   —The Denver Post

The whole town of Lander has turned out for the big parade celebrating the start of the new rodeo season. The main spectacle this year is the appearance of Colonol Edward Garrett—a spot-on impersonator of General George Armstrong Custer—and a troop of men acting as the ill-fated Seventh Cavalry.

The problem is they are being followed by a group of Arapaho warriors from the Wind River Reservation, who proceed to encircle Garrett and his men in a "dare ride" just to remind them exactly who won the Battle of the Little Bighorn. But when the ride is over, history seems to have repeated itself: Garrett is dead in the street with a bullet hole in his chest.

No one is sure what happened, but public sentiment quickly turns against the Arapaho—and the prime suspect is Colin Morningside, a descendant of Crazy Horse. When a local attorney connected to Morningside disappears, the accusations only grow stronger.

Father John O'Malley knows in his heart the Arapaho are not guilty. And Vicky Holden finds herself professionally and personally compromised from getting involved. But what begins as a murder soon reveals itself as a conspiracy that neither Father John nor Vicky could have foreseen. And someone wants to ensure that the truth they discover will die with them...

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Order online from an independent bookstore via IndieBound, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Order online from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Berkley Hardcover, September 2013, ISBN-13: 9780425264638


"Bestseller Coel's 17th Wind River mystery featuring Fr. John O'Malley and lawyer Vicky Holden (after 2012's Buffalo Bill's Dead) starts off with a bang—a gunshot—that kills General Custer impersonator Edward Garrett while he's riding his horse in a Lander, Wyo., parade. Since angry Arapahos from the Wind River Reservation surrounded Garrett at the time of the shooting, the police immediately regard two Indians as the top suspects. The disappearance of a local attorney, last seen arguing with Garrett, adds to the town's unrest. The case is further complicated when Garrett's widow claims nearly $500,000 is missing, and hires Vicky to find it. Meanwhile, Father John takes steps to protect his flock as another murder rocks the roiling community. In lesser hands, this tale of long-buried hatred, greed, and cowardice might falter, but Coel's mastery at blending the past and present, as well as the blurry lines between fact and fiction, make this a satisfying historical read. (Sept.) "
   —Publishers Weekly (read more here)