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Winter's Child

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The Shadow Dancer The Shadow Dancer: Excerpt

"You listen to me." Ben took hold of her shoulder. His fingers dug into her flesh. She was aware of the stunned silence around them, the diners leaning toward them. "I've had enough of people taking what belongs to me. We're gonna work everything out between us, Vicky. You and me."

He let go of her so abruptly that she staggered backward, groping for the edge of the table to steady herself. Ben was already heading toward the front, a sure and unhurried pace, as if the most serious negotiations had just been settled. The hostess moved sideways as he shouldered past, and then he was out the door. The restaurant was quiet.

Vicky fumbled in her bag for a couple of bills, which she tossed on the table—they fluttered into a pool of water—aware of the waitress frozen in place a few feet away, staring at the mess strewn over the carpet. Outside the window, Ben's brown truck screeched into the street, black clouds fuming from the exhaust pipe. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a dark truck pull in behind.

© Margaret Coel