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        Winter's Child
        Man Who Fell from Sky
        Night of the White Buffalo
        Killing Custer
        Buffalo Bill's Dead Now
        The Perfect Suspect
        The Spider's Web
        Silent Spirit
        Blood Memory
        Girl w/ Braided Hair
        Drowning Man
        Eye of the Wolf
        Wife of Moon
        Killing Raven
        Shadow Dancer
        Thunder Keeper
        Spirit Woman
        Lost Bird
        Story Teller
        Dream Stalker
        Ghost Walker
        Eagle Catcher
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Winter's Child

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The Story Teller The Story Teller

When the Arapaho story teller discovers that a sacred tribal artifact is missing from a Denver museum, Vicky Holden is called to investigate. The lost treasure: a one-of-a kind ledger book and the only Arapaho account of the Sand Creek Massacre. The book is worth millions, so when the museum says they never had it, Vicky's suspicion is aroused. Then she learns that an Arapaho student mysteriously died while researching the ledgerbook. Vicky and Father John must begin a deadly search for the sacred treasure—and the killer. Lives are at stake, and an irreplaceable piece of Arapaho history could be lost. It is up to Vicky Holden and Father John O'Malley to keep the story alive...

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Berkley paperback, September 1999, ISBN: 978-0425170250


"Vivid Western landscapes, intriguing history, compelling characters, and quick, tight writing that is a joy to read...Holden is a unique mix of the modern and the traditional. Holden and O'Malley prove delightful and empathetic, as they suffer an endearing confusion about whether they are friends, or something more. One of the best of the year."
Booklist starred review

"All the strengths of this fine series are present here: Coel's knowledge of and respect for western history, a solid mystery with a credible premise in Indian lore and the struggles of Holden and O'Malley with their powerful, but so far unconsummated, attraction to each other."
Publishers Weekly

"Margaret Coel's latest Native American mystery, The Story Teller, may be her best work to date as she brilliantly ties together a who-done-it with Native American culture. The characters all ring true as they rapidly propel forward the tribal conflict with assimilation, the puzzle of the missing agenda (that provides much insight into the Arapaho lifestyle), and the murder mystery. Ms. Coel is one of the top story tellers of the sub-genre, ranking with the likes of Tony Hillerman." Read the full review.