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        Winter's Child
        Man Who Fell from Sky
        Night of the White Buffalo
        Killing Custer
        Buffalo Bill's Dead Now
        The Perfect Suspect
        The Spider's Web
        Silent Spirit
        Blood Memory
        Girl w/ Braided Hair
        Drowning Man
        Eye of the Wolf
        Wife of Moon
        Killing Raven
        Shadow Dancer
        Thunder Keeper
        Spirit Woman
        Lost Bird
        Story Teller
        Dream Stalker
        Ghost Walker
        Eagle Catcher
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Winter's Child

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The Thunder Keeper The Thunder Keeper

With African diamond mines seized by butchering rebels, a world-wide search is underway for other deposits.

Unaware of the "conflict diamond" issue, Father John O'Malley learns some startling news in the confessional. A stranger tips him off that a young Arapaho's death near the reservation's petroglyphs wasn't suicide but murder—and more murders are about to take place. Miles away in Denver, a diamond mining executive contacts Vicky Holden about the reservation, but he is murdered before he can give her any information. Together, Father John and Vicky learn that the murderous threads are connected. They must unravel the truth before others die—and those others could be Father John and Vicky themselves.

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Berkley paperback, August, 2002 ISBN: 978-0425185780


"Margaret Coel is occupying Tony Hillerman turf, and she is the best challenger so far...Coel is worth watching."
The Boston Globe

    "Coel's strength is her ability to create characters with messy and interesting lives, both with her secondary characters and as her finely drawn main personalities. Coel has obvious respect for the land and the people who populate it.
    She weaves compelling stories that reinforce the difficulties that young Indians experience fitting into society on and off the reservation.
    With a practiced hand, Coel ratchets up the tension and suspense by returning to the scene of the crime where the action explodes to the edge of disaster. She has again fashioned a fascinating tale that leads from such wildly divergent settings as the corporate boardroom to the vast and mystic land of the Wind River Reservation. She creates dense and compelling characters in complex stories to entertain her loyal fans."
The Denver Post

"The Thunder Keeper is a nicely-told tale of real people wrestling with their own inner problems while at the same time trying to solve a crime the police refuse to believe has actually occurred. Coel has written not only a first-rate mystery here, but has accompanied it with a finely detailed portrait of two complex individuals."
I Love a Mystery

"A fine Native American excellent story, backed with strong characterization."
Midwest Book Review

"Fans of Aimee and David Thurlo and Tony Hillerman will definitely enjoy this fast-paced mystery starring two likable, believable and colorful protagonists."
The Best Reviews

"Well paced with lively dialogue and a few surprises, The Thunder Keeper is an exceptional view of Indian cultures and traditions—fans of Tony Hillerman will be delighted with Ms. Coel’s series. Pull up a comfy chair and let The Thunder Keeper captivate you, as it did me." Read the full review.

"Coel's skill crafting this series is a pleasure to watch. Read "The Thunder Keeper" for pure enjoyment."