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The Dream Stalker: Readers Guide

The Dream Stalker
  1. Who is the dream stalker? Discuss the meaning of the title within the framework of the plot.

  2. Discuss the importance of dreams within the Arapaho culture.

  3. What are the different values at stake in the novel? Discuss the way in which the values clash with one another.

  4. Discuss the character of Father John. What kind of man is he? What does he wish to achieve?

  5. Why do you believe Father John is driven to lean the identity of the murdered cowboy and eventually solve the murder?

  6. Discuss the character of Vicky. What is important to her?

  7. In what way is Vicky Holden a traditional Arapaho? In what way is she not?

  8. What is the relationship between Father John and Vicky? How do each of them see the relationship?

  9. Discuss how Father John and Vicky work together to solve the mystery. Discuss the ways in which they work at cross purposes.

  10. In what ways are the lives of the people on the reservation changed by the events in the novel?