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The Eagle Catcher: Readers Guide

The Eagle Catcher
  1. As an outsider, how does Father John adapt to the Arapaho culture? What particularly holds him and makes him want to stay at St. Francis?

  2. In what ways does Father John believe the Arapaho culture to be similar to his own? In what ways does he think it is different?

  3. How does Father John's background and sensibilities help him solve the mystery?

  4. What conflicts are presented to Father John by his vocation as a priest? How does he attempt to handle them?

  5. Discuss the role of addictions in this novel. Many characters are addicts of one type or another. How do the various addictions influence the plot?

  6. In what way is Vicky Holden an outsider? How do her background and experiences help solve the mystery?

  7. Both Father John and Vicky are what the Arapahos call edge people. How are they affected by being edge people?

  8. What are the flaws that have kept characters like Ned Cooley and Jasper Owens from being the persons they might have been, given their privileged backgrounds?

  9. What is the significance of the title, The Eagle Catcher? How does the theme of the eagle catcher run through the novel? In what way is Father John an eagle catcher?

  10. Discuss the relationship of Melissa and Anthony. Is there any hope for a future together?