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The Ghost Walker: Readers Guide

The Ghost Walker
  1. Father John is a white man from Boston. In what ways does he identify with the Arapahos? What is it about the culture that makes him feel at home on the reservation?

  2. What is it that Father John wants in this novel? Does he achieve it?

  3. What advantages does Father John have as a priest in solving the mystery? What disadvantages?

  4. Discuss Father John's temptation to return to drinking. How does he overcome it?

  5. Discuss Vicky's complicated relationship with her daughter. How does it affect the development of the plot?

  6. Discuss the spiritual significance of Arapaho names. What are the various ways in which Vicky's Arapaho name identified her and helps her?

  7. What is the relationship between Father John and Vicky? What do each of them think about the relationship?

  8. Father John and Vicky are what the Arapahos call edge people. How does their being edge people help them solve the mystery?

  9. Discuss the significance of the ghost in Arapaho culture. How does the presence of the ghost help to move the plot along?

  10. In what ways are Father John and Vicky changed as they solve the mystery?