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Killing Raven: Readers Guide

Killing Raven
  1. What does the raven symbolize? How does the symbolism work in the novel?

  2. Which character did you most identify with? Least identify with? Why?

  3. Discuss the way in which some characters are able to empathize with other people, while others are unable to do so. Do any characters learn to empathize? How are they changed by the experience?

  4. Discuss the different attitudes toward gambling presented in the novel. How are the dangers of gambling presented?

  5. How would the book change if told from a different point of view? How would events or motives be interpreted by: Tommy? Lela? Tattoo-man? Leonard?

  6. Discuss the various addictions (past and present) of the characters.

  7. How are Father John and Vicky flawed? Why do you suppose the author creates flaws in her main characters?

  8. How would you characterize Vicky's motivations in this novel? Father John's?

  9. How does the author slip in descriptions of the Wind River Reservation?

  10. Did the violence in this novel help or hinder your reading of it? Why do you suppose the author included violent events?

  11. What role do the Rangers play in the novel?

  12. How does Vicky reconcile the two sides of herself: traditional Arapaho and modern, educated woman?