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The Shadow Dancer: Readers Guide

The Shadow Dancer
  1. Why do the church officials not defend Father John's work?

  2. Why are the Indian people so quick to believe the worst about Vicki?

  3. How are the relationships that Father John and Vicki have with other people similar? different?

  4. Father John accepts and uses the Indian way of showing respect to elders (use of "Grandmother", not approaching the door at a home but waiting for them to come out) Does this correlate to any actions we take in today's culture?

  5. What does John mean when he states, "You couldn't hide here...your shadow is always alongside you."

  6. Food plays an important part of the Indian culture. Discuss today's use of food in our culture, or the culture of other nationalities.

  7. How does the Shadow Dancer cult relate to any cult or cults today?

  8. Could a similar scenario happen today on the reservations?

  9. Discuss the significance of water to the Indians and to the West.

  10. Why does Vicky defend Ben after his death? Why does she seem so sympathetic to him given their history and what she found out about his relationship with Marcia?

  11. Vicky says (thinks) Ben deserves justice. Does she want justice for Ben because she is accused of his murder?