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The Spirit Woman: Readers Guide

The Spirit Woman
  1. Why does the Provincial let Father John stay?

  2. Why did Father Kevin intervene?

  3. Do you think Vicky will survive killing a man?

  4. Discuss the theme of reclaiming the past?

  5. Why did Father John want to stay at the Mission?

  6. Would Father John be able to return to the academic world? Should he?

  7. What does Walks on Three Legs represent?

  8. What cultures today use and value unwritten stories?

  9. How do the unwritten stories affect the characters in the book? How do they affect people today?

  10. Is the Native American culture similar/conflicting with modern day culture?

  11. Has Father John made progress an a recovering alcoholic?

  12. Would Laura have done anything to get the memoirs?

  13. Father John used the term "the will to believe" in reference to the>memoirs. Does the term apply to other aspects of the book? ie: Vicky and Father John's relationship, Father John staying at the mission, abused women in the book.

  14. Will Vicky leave to take the job in Denver?

  15. Will Father John leave the priesthood for Vicky?

  16. Do the descriptions add to the story?

  17. How to the women in the book manage domestic violence?

  18. What would we learn from the memoirs if they were found today?

  19. Discuss the title of the book relating to each of the main female characters.