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The Thunder Keeper: Readers Guide

The Thunder Keeper
  1. Who is The Thunder Keeper? What is the meaning of The Thunder Keeper within the framework of the plot?

  2. Why is it significant that Duncan Grover died in Bear Lake Valley while on a vision quest? How does this affect the way that his death is investigated?

  3. How does Father John's role on the reservation make getting involved in solving the murder difficult for him? In what ways is he able to contribute to the solving of the murder?

  4. Discuss the significance of Father John's conversation with Ali Burris. What does this lead him to do?

  5. How does Vicky Holden end up getting involved in the murder of Duncan Grover? What is importance of having Vicky Holden on the case? What are the key things that she discovers that help solve the case? How does this work with Father John's position in the investigation? What is their relationship?

  6. Discuss the importance of the diamond mining to the Duncan Grover case? In what ways were the two things connected? How did this affect the story?

  7. What does Vince Lewis's death have to do with the death of Duncan Grover? How are the two incidents connected?

  8. How does Father John's conversation with Eddie Ortiz change the process of finding the truth about Duncan Grover?

  9. What is the significance of thunder to the story? What events happen when it is thundering and who does it affect? What is the meaning of the thunder to the Arapahoe?

  10. What is it that brings Vicky back to the reservation? What are the spirits that are drawing her back to the Arapahoe land?