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Night of the White Buffalo: Readers Guide

Night of the White Buffalo
  1. Discuss the spiritual aspects in the novel. How do different characters regard the spiritual?

  2. Discuss the motivations of various characters: Arapaho cowboys, white cowboys, Sheila Carey, Dennis Carey, Vicky, Father John.

  3. What are the different life goals of Vicky, Adam and Father John?

  4. Discuss the treatment of women in the novel. Are they considered seriously? How and when?

  5. How does the book portray life on the reservation: the hard parts, the good parts?

  6. A reviewer called this a novel of murder, greed, love and redemption. How are they manifested in the story?

  7. Discuss various motivations for Sheila Carey to commit murder.

  8. How do Vicky's background and beliefs influence her actions?

  9. Why does Father John find himself at home with the Arapahos? Do you think he does feel at home?

  10. Discuss the attitudes toward the elders shown by different characters.