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Wife of Moon: Readers Guide

Wife of Moon
  1. Who is Wife of Moon? What is the meaning of Wife of Moon within the framework of the plot?

  2. What is the significance of the lineage of the Arapahos and White people to the plot of the murder?

  3. How does Father John's role on the reservation get him involved in solving the murder? Why do you think that he decides to be involved in solving the murder?

  4. How did photography techniques in the past and the present help to solve the murder cases?

  5. Discuss why the Arapahos on the reservation are protective of their ancestor's photos. Why was it important to them to preserve and hide those photos?

  6. What is importance of having Vicky Holden on the case? What are the key things that she discovers that help solve the case? How does this work with Father John's position in the investigation? What is their relationship?

  7. In what way, if any, does the solving of the murders of Bashful and Denise Painted Horse link the past and the present? Do you think the solving of the murders helps heal old wounds among the Arapaho or bring on new ones? Why or why not?

  8. Discuss the significance of Indian Women's rights on the reservation. How did this affect the plot of the murder of Bashful?

  9. What is the importance of finding the truth about Edward Curtis? What was his significance to the Arapaho people on the Wind River Reservation? How did this affect the lives of the people on the reservation in the present?

  10. How did the museum curator figure out what happened in the Edward Curtis photos? How did this help Father John and Vicky?