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Eye of the Wolf: Readers Guide

Eye of the Wolf
  1. Discuss the significance of the Eye of the Wolf. What is the meaning of the title within the framework of the plot?

  2. How does the history of the Indian Wars between the Arapahos and Shoshones affect the way that Father John solves the murder?

  3. Discuss the relationship between Father John O'Malley and Vicky Holden. What brings them together? What is it that is driving them to solve the crime?

  4. How does/did the landscape of the reservation affect the lives of the people on the reservation? Do you think that this landscape represents the divide between the Arapahos and the Shoshones? Why or why not?

  5. How does Father John go about solving the mystery of the murder? What are his challenges in that process? How do those challenges get resolved?

  6. How does the killer try to keep from being discovered? How does he use the past to protect himself in the present?

  7. Discuss how the tribes deal with these murders and their outcomes. How do/don't these murders improve tribal relationships? What examples are there of this?

  8. Why is Vicky Holden torn between defending Frankie Montana and not defending him? What is it that motivates her to defend Frankie?

  9. What are the ways that Father John helps the Arapahos to deal with the murders? What do you think his goal is when talking to the families that are affected?

  10. What can be learned by history? What did the tribe learn about history and the mistakes that were made in the past? What are the examples of people who learned something from the murders and the outcome of who did it?