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Short Stories

For short stories featuring Father John and Vicky Holden, click here.


Seven Oaks Publishing

Editor W.C. Jameson has long been interested in why writers do what they do. Why do they write? What obstacles do they encounter, and how do they overcome inevitable bumps in the road? He also wondered how living in Colorado specifically influences the writing experience. So he asked authors, with no rules or boundaries, to share whatever they wanted about their art and lives. This eclectic collection is a peek inside the minds of Colorado authors as they reflect on topics like the writing process, identity as shaped by place, and the stronghold of Colorado's history as a catalyst for creativity.


Pinnacle Western Books, Kensington Publishing

The sound of a crowded saloon...The cry of a train coming through the night...The pounding of horses ridden by friends or foe...From the searing sun to snow-steeped winters, towns called Sentinel, Iron Mountain, and St. Elmo stood strong and fierce—before they finally died. Now, these ghost towns return to life under the spell of such great Western tale-tellers as Louis L'Amour, Elmer Kelton, William W. Johnstone, Bill Brooks, Loren D. Estleman, Johnny D. Boggs, and New York Times bestseller Margaret Coel. From a soldier on the run from the fires of war...From a gambler who has long since played his last hand...To a solitary, singing rifle man protecting a besieged town...With dreamers and schemers, with men and women of courage, conscience, and faith, here is an unforgettable round-up of astounding adventures fueled by a passion for the West the way it really was—and the way it lives on forever.


A Dozen on Denver A DOZEN ON DENVER
Published by the Rocky Mountain News

A Dozen on Denver a collection of short stories celebrating Denver, first published in The Rocky Mountain News in 2008 to mark the city's 150th anniversary. Twelve of the areas top writers were invited to contribute a short story. Margaret's story features a young mother stranded in goldrush Denver after the death of her husband, faced with the choice of returning to a confined life back East or finding a way to make a life for herself and her child in the new town of Denver.


Edited by Sarah Newman

Margaret's story: Murder on the Denver Express, featuring Molly Brown, is included in Crime Through Time III.

Edited by Dana Stabanow

The Man Who Thought He was a Deer published in Wild Crimes. Margaret's contribution: a hunter finds himself the hunted when a stranger with an unusual bond to nature turns the tables...


Serial Novel

During the lull between two world wars, just outside the proper English village of Market Winsome, a weekend house party is being hosted by the Dowager Duchess of Faughstrayne. Her once-magnificent estate, the Castle Crawsbey, may have succumbed to disrepair, but the former chorus girl turned aristocrat still has what it takes to impress her guests-whether they be a London charlady who has a secret past (or does she?) or a wounded vet who can solve crimes (or can he?). Just one rule: don't mention the host's dead husband (five years and still hush-hush) or her missing son (rumored to be in a Patagonian prison but don't take a stab at it), lest you be met with a violet-eyed stare that could positively kill. But what offense was committed by the harmless visitor, American Admiral Cornelius Brandon? A dreadfull one apparently. His body has been discovered at the bottom of the neglected koi pond tied to a submerged statue of Neptune...

And the weekend has only just begun.

So has this ingenious mystery—a literary game of round robin in which fourteen writers, each proficient in the art of crime, have contributed a chapter of their own. What they deliver is a wildly entertaining whodunit with as many dizzying twists, turnabouts, double-crosses, and divergent styles as there are solutions and suspects.

Margaret contributed a chapter to the cheerful mayhem of this new serial novel from Malice Domestic: The Sunken Sailor. Fans of the gentler style of mystery will enjoy this lighthearted romp through the English countryside with fellow contributors Simon Brett, Dorothy Cannell, Margaret Coel, Deborah Crombie, Eileen Dreyer, Carolyn Hart, Edward Marston, Francine Matthews, Sharan Newman, Alexandra Ripley, Walter Satterthwait, Sarah Smith, and Carolyn Wheat.

Edited by Elizabeth Foxwell, with an introduction by Anne Perry.

Berkley Publishing Group ISBN: 0425194280