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        Silent Spirit
        Blood Memory
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        Killing Raven
        Shadow Dancer
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        Dream Stalker
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Winter's Child

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The Dream Stalker The Dream Stalker

Set among the Arapahos on the high plains of the The Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, The Dream Stalker features Father John O'Malley, S.J., the recovering alcoholic pastor of St. Francis Mission, and Vicky Holden, Arapaho attorney, known as Hisei ci nihi, Woman Alone.

A call in the middle of the night takes Father John O'Malley, pastor of St. Francis Mission, to a deserted cabin where he finds a murdered cowboy. The cowboy had something on his conscience, something he had wanted to confess. As Father John tries to learn what the cowboy had wanted to tell him, he also learns someone is trying to kill Vicky Holden, who has been waging a one-woman fight against storing nuclear waste on the reservation.

Together Father John and Vicky set out to find a killer whose dreams have created a legacy of greed and evil which, like the unseen poisons of nuclear waste, threaten to destroy the traditions of the Arapaho.

The Dream Stalker, like the other novels in the Wind River series, displays a deep understanding of Arapaho culture, intricate, well-plotted stories, and intriguing characters. Critics and authors have praised the series and routinely recommend the novels to Hillerman fans.

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Penguin paperback, September 1998, ISBN: 9780425165331


"Coel enchants and intrigues by presenting uniformly well developed, realistic characters...from O'Malley and Holden to the most peripheral walk-ons—who face difficult moral choices. Against a vivid landscape and accurate historical backdrop, Coel injects drama and surprise into every corner of her story. Heartily recommended."

"Margaret Coel is occupying Tony Hillerman turf, and she is the best challenger so far. Coel is worth watching."
The Boston Globe

"Margaret Coel is rightfully being acknowledged as the female Tony Hillerman. The lead protagonists are wonderful characters and the story line is a very interesting blend of a modern problem and Native American folk lore. More novels like The Dream Stalker and readers will soon be calling Tony Hillerman the male Margaret Coel."
Harriet Klausner, Internet Review

"The nicely drawn Wyoming backdrop, capable plotting and engaging characters all add up to another coup for Coel."
Publishers Weekly

"Coel's book is swift and compelling, with her usual light, penetrating touch."
Kirkus Reviews

"Once again author Margaret Coel has dipped into the history of an Indian nation, married it to very modern concerns and created a story that will enthrall and move the reader. The very real temptations, and tribulations of well sculpted characters, as well as the external pressures that cause any of us to stumble and sometimes fall, are carefully played out against a tapestry of global concerns. I recommend this book and I recommend this series." Read the full review.