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Winter's Child

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Eye of the Wolf Eye of the Wolf

Following last year's bestseller, WIFE OF MOON, Margaret once again blends Arapaho history into present-day homicides that threaten to destroy the Wind River Reservation and put Father John and Vicky to their toughest and most dangerous test yet.

This is for the Indian Priest.

This cryptic message was clearly meant for Father O'Malley. The unemotional voice on the answering machine--speaking of revenge against old enemies--wanted O'Malley to visit the site of the Bates Battle. In 1874, Shoshone warriors led Captain Alfred Bates's cavalry to Arapaho tribal grounds, and nearly everyone living there was massacred. As a nation, the Arapaho were finished, but their people survived. Now, someone has left three dead Shoshones on the old battlefield, positioned to mimic the bodies of those Arapaho killed in the historic slaughter.

Vicky Holden's latest client, Frankie Montana, is a less than sterling character who's a frequent guest of the reservation holding cells. After a heated encounter with the three Shoshones, Frankie has become the number one suspect in their deaths. Despite his faults, Vicky doesn't believe he's capable of murder. Someone is trying to stir up a war between the Arapaho and Shoshone people--and tear open the painful wounds of the past once more..

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Berkley paperback September 2006, ISBN: 978-0425208090


Winner of the Colorado Book Award!

"Bestseller Coel's descriptive artistry, as shown in her 11th whodunit, surely makes her the James Lee Burke of Native American mystery writers. Readers will be immediately entrenched in the solid reality of the Wind River Reservation.... Delving into the depths of this magnificently crafted volume is like digging into your favorite layer cake—thoroughly delicious."
Publishers Weekly (STARRED REVIEW—the third in a row, following Killing Raven and Wife of Moon!)

"Coel's latest Wind River chronicle offers a skillful blend of history and mystery, with characters whose motives are seldom what they seem."
Kirkus Reviews

"Riveting work from an accomplished author..."
Library Journal

"Coel's ability to use a unique perspective in each book from which to tell the stories of the Wind River Reservation [is] remarkable. Unusual plot, diverse characters, and vivid descriptions of this beautiful but stark landscape make this a very good read."
Bev DeWeese, book reviews (read the full review)

"...the author does a marvelous job of making each installment stand on its own. The characters of Vicky and Father John, developed over the series, are very complex and layered. Both feel as if they could step off the page and into your living room. The supporting cast is diverse and each person rings true. The mystery is intricate enough to keep anyone guessing; and the links to history add an extra level of interest. A very satisfying installment in a stellar series."
Deborah Hern, (read the full review)

"This is a very worthy entry in this well written series and will keep you guessing right up to the finishing twist as everything becomes clear in a highly suspenseful finish."
Di Bingham, DorothyL

"Once again, Coel uses the history of the Wyoming tribes to bring present-day problems to light. The environment and current reservation conditions and life are always part of her stories. She shows respect for the Arapaho tribe, their legends and history."
Lesa Holstine, book reviews

"This is becoming one of my favorite series. The mysteries are well-plotted, the characters are engaging, and each novel includes important and little-known historical details about the Wind River region woven skillfully into the story."
Shirley Wetzel, DorothyL

"Fans of this series will be familiar with the tensions and issues Vicky and Fr O'Malley face together. Not wishing to give away too much of the plot, I'll just comment that the reader's faith in the basic integrity of these two all too human individuals is not misplaced. The state of Wyoming is almost a third continuing character - Coel weaves impressive knowledge of its rich history and modern day atmosphere into her story."
Woodstock writing for Crimespree Magazine

"Coel ratchets up the tension with people the reader cares about, inclement weather, nasty villains, and a painful history lesson. Eye of the Wolf will keep you turning pages."
Debby Atkinson, author of The Green Room

"Ms. Coel writes an authentic account of the interchange between two Indian tribes living on the same reservation 130 years after the original battle, with tensions mounting to a new outbreak of war between them. The mystery is: who is the real culprit. You won’t put down the book until you find out, with, of course, the help of Vicky and Father John. Recommended."
Theodore Feit, book reviews

"Four paws for an EXCELLENT read, with red herrings galore and action to spare."
Books n Bytes

"Once again Coel delivers a well-crafted mystery and a visit with interesting characters. Eye of the Wolf is a good, solid read as well as a glimpse into a way of life of which most of us are totally unaware."
Theresa Ichino, (read the full review)

"This time out we are treated to an eerie plot, mysterious messages, sudden brutal death, plenty of red herrings and some beautifully written violent scenes. Ms Coel keeps the tension high, and moving quickly."
Jeri Bates, DorothyL (read the full review)

"EYE OF THE WOLF has so many layers to it, there is the mystery, there is the history of the Bates Battle, and there are the changes and growth in the main characters and their lives. Ms. Coel peels each layer away a bit at a time, revealing just enough to tantalize and tease, encouraging, no, urging the reader to turn the page."
Kay Martinez, DorothyL (read the full review)

"If you haven't met Father John O'Malley and Vicky Holden in previous Margaret Coel novels you are in for a treat with Eye of the Wolf..." —Patricia Reid, Mysteries Galore

"Margaret Coel has given us another terrific mystery that keeps us guessing until the end, set among the peoples and places her readers have come to love. Highly recommended."
Debbie Bogenschutz, DorothyL